Discovery Corporate Services (DCS)

Discovery Corporate Services (DCS)

Discovery offers a unique approach to corporate services focused not just on assisting the corporate client but also the law firm that is managing your cases.

DCS services include:

  • True online real time reporting enabling monitoring of depositions scheduled, costs and complete transparency via web and mobile applications at all times to all interactions with Discovery,
  • Complete transparency on all invoicing ensuring you don’t pay for products you don’t want or need,
  • Close coordination with your law firms to ensure they receive the service they need to manage your cases,
  • Relationships with Ebilling companies to ensure your back office requirements are met,
  • Transparent pricing to copy side law firms and active monitoring of state by state regulations to ensure full compliance with various statutory requirements,
  • Centralized highly experienced team in case management used to managing high volume deposition cases across the country.
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