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Discovery Litigation Services is founded by a court reporter and managed by a staff that understands the importance of providing the highest quality court reporters to our clients. All Discovery court reporters understand the importance of their role and carry on the corporate culture of creating a partnership with those we serve by continually going above and beyond in meeting our clients' demands.

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When it comes to videography, it is not just the equipment that makes a great videographer. It is the method in which they approach the work that they do. Our videographers are well versed in deposition protocol. With careful training, Discovery's videographers learn to make the best use of the environment they will be shooting in, always with the mindset of ensuring that the ultimate use of the video - the playback - will be of the highest quality.

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Discovery Litigation Services, in keeping with its corporate culture of creating partnerships with its clients, provides experienced neutrals who are experienced in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  In an environment where controlling the cost of litigation is paramount, our neutrals have the skills and knowledge to find a resolution to even the most complex litigation.

  • Mediations
  • Settlement conferences
  • Arbitrations

DLS's experienced neutrals stand ready to navigate through the complex issues and personalities that are required in order to bring resolution to your case.

For further information, please call 855.847.0999 and ask to speak with an Alternative Dispute Resolution coordinator.

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Discovery offers a unique approach to corporate services focused not just on assisting the corporate client but also the law firm that is managing your cases.

DCS services include:

  • True online real time reporting enabling monitoring of depositions scheduled, costs and complete transparency via web and mobile applications at all times to all interactions with Discovery,
  • Complete transparency on all invoicing ensuring you don’t pay for products you don’t want or need,
  • Close coordination with your law firms to ensure they receive the service they need to manage your cases,
  • Relationships with Ebilling companies to ensure your back office requirements are met,
  • Transparent pricing to copy side law firms and active monitoring of state by state regulations to ensure full compliance with various statutory requirements,
  • Centralized highly experienced team in case management used to managing high volume deposition cases across the country.

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Discovery Litigation Services fulfills its clients’ eDiscovery, document review, and staffing needs by providing highly qualified, experienced attorneys, paralegals and legal support staff.  Our contract professionals are trained and skilled in a variety of eDiscovery Software platforms and understand fully the discovery process.

Legal Staffing and Support Personnel

  • Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Project Managers
  • Translators
  • Coders

DLS’s highly skilled document review team is ready to assist you.  For further information, please call 855.847.0999 and ask to speak to a Document Review Specialist.

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DLS provides interpreters anywhere in the world in any language that is needed. While it is not necessary, DLS recommends for the more complex cases that a realtime feed is utilized and provided to the interpreter. This allows for a much more accurate translation as the interpreter is able to view the question in its entirety while they are translating to the deponent.

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Discovery provides a range of services to better serve the legal community.  These include:

  • Access to experienced court reporters, videographers and trial presentation teams nationwide,
  • Regardless of the location, Discovery will provide the reporters, videographers or interpreters,
  • Don’t have a location for a deposition?  Not a problem.  Simply provide us with the city in which the deposition needs to take place, and we will find the location for you,
  • Centralized case management,
  • Easy to use online case management tools:
    • Online deposition scheduling,
    • Review and pay invoices on line,
    • Document and Video repository allowing 24/7 access to all deposition documents and video,
  • Interpreting and translation services,
  • Videoconferencing,
  • Don’t want the expense of traveling to a deposition?  Let our Discovery staff provide the locations for a videoconferenced deposition,
  • Complimentary conference rooms in most cities nationwide. 

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DLS offers seamless streaming of text, audio and video. Private Messaging with those who are also connected and document sharing is also available.

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Discovery understands that its sole reason for being is providing services in a proceeding that is headed to some form of resolution, whether by settlement, mediation, arbitration, or a trial. It is why all deliverables by Discovery are provided in a trial-ready format, saving our clients valuable time and money when a settlement cannot be reached. In cases where there is no settlement and our clients need assistance in gathering all of their evidence into an organized format for presentation, our Trial Consultants have the experience and knowledge to work with our clients in gathering the evidence together and going into the courtroom to manage a multi-media presentation. By combining leading trial presentation software with the experience of our trial consultants, we allow you to focus on the facts of your case. We are the experts in developing seamless presentations for maximum effect. Our trial consultants can help review, plan, and coordinate your presentations in order to help achieve the results you desire.

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