What Kind Of Litigation Services Should You Buy?

What Kind Of Litigation Services Should You Buy?

By the end of this article, I will have guided you through a vast, comprehensive resource of litigation services available. If you are searching for solutions ranging from an on demand one-stop-shop to handle all of your litigation needs to a-la-carte services to provide support in only the right places, stop your googling! Let's go through a few of the most helpful litigation services ever devised to maximize your free time while simultaneously making you more effective.



What Is "Litigation" And Why Would I Need Services?

Litigation refers to any legal action between two parties. Contrary to many beliefs, the term “litigation is not merely a synonym for “lawsuit. Litigation refers to all of the events leading up to the filing of a lawsuit between parties, the trial, and post-trial litigation as well - wherein monetary compensation often occurs. Litigation is the term that houses the entire process, and Litigation Services are those tools and solutions you can buy, rent, or purchase from agencies to make this process run as smoothly as possible.


It's Unlikely Your Case Will Ever Go To Trial

A resolution is often met in the early stages to avoid the high costs of attorneys, legal staff, and the time it takes to go to trial. litigation service providers like Discovery Litigation Services exist to supply you with everything you will need to come to a resolution in either the early stages of litigation or give you everything you need to successfully win your verdict if your case goes to trial.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution often occurs pre-suit, and sometimes takes the place of a formal lawsuit. Alternative Dispute Resolution includes Mediation and Arbitration wherein each side pleads their case, and a mediator attempts to negotiate a settlement between the two parties. Discovery Litigation Services experienced neutrals are skilled in finding a resolution to even the most complex litigations. Controlling the cost of litigation is paramount, and Discovery knows the importance of avoiding a lengthy legal process.


eDiscovery: Legal Staffing & Support Personnel

Discovery is the formal investigation of the facts of a lawsuit. In the event that you find yourself facing a formal lawsuit, you might want to consider reaching out to an experienced eDiscovery team to ensure that your discovery process is being handled properly. A qualified team such as Discovery Litigation Services will take care of all of your eDiscovery needs utilizing experienced attorneys, paralegals, project managers, translators, and coders where necessary. Discovery has access to a comprehensive network of highly qualified individuals trained in a multitude of eDiscovery Software platforms to seamlessly guide you through the discovery process.


What Are Deposition Services And How Can They Help?

Within the discovery process is the act of taking sworn testimony of a witness into the official record. This includes a formal questioning transcribed word-for-word into the official record by a qualified court stenographer to be used later by both parties in building their respective cases. Deposition Services is a term encompassing the variety of solutions Discovery offers to ensure your official records accuracy.


Court Reporting

Court Reporters are at the heart of the deposition. They are the ones creating the physical transcription of the deposition. Hiring the most highly qualified court reporter is your number one priority. Discovery Litigation Services offers expert court reporters to any location in the country. Utilizing high definition video streaming technology you will get a highly trained, real-time ready court reporter no matter where your deposition takes place.


Legal Videography

Having a written record of your deposition is just one aspect of ensuring accuracy. Having a clickable transcription synced to actual video of the deposition is a power-tool in your box of simple machines. First, the legal videographers at Discovery Litigation Services are well versed in a variety of depositions and skilled in video recording to ensure the highest quality playback. When it comes to videography, make sure you're getting all of the features you require. Discovery not only records what happens in that room, they make it interactive, quickly skimmable, and provide A Solution For HD Streaming to any third parties that need a digital link to watch from anywhere there is an internet connection.


Click Here For A Comprehensive List of Deposition Services


If Alternative Dispute Resolution Did Not Successfully Lead You to a Resolution 

You may be heading to trial. A trial is the formal presentation of a case to a judge or jury. For this, you might want to look into Discovery's Trial Presentation Services and utilize their team of consultants and presentation software to help you develop a seamless presentation that will deliver with maximum effect. Click Here For More Information on Deposition Services and a Comprehensive List of Discovery Litigation Services solutions. See how Discovery can quickly simplify and enhance your litigation process.

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