The best litigation services to make your legal battle stronger

The best litigation services to make your legal battle stronger

Discovery Litigation Services is one of the most reputable and established litigation services providers in the United States. We understand the importance of every court case and provide the best services that make our clients’ position stronger in the court.

As a reputed and well known litigation service provider, we hire only skilled and trained professionals. Our staff has a thorough knowledge of court procedures. We have highly professional people who are working in the legal industry since many years.

Our exceptional litigation services focus on efficiency and accuracy. Offering client-specific solutions is always the top priority of Discovery Litigation Services. We have state-of-the-art technology that delivers the facts and figures in an unambiguous manner.

Right litigation and deposition services help to maximize the chances of a winning verdict. Therefore, it is extremely important to select the best service provider that will fulfill all your depository and litigation requirements.

Discovery Litigation Services offers comprehensive services that enhance the chances of a winning verdict. We offer various services like court reporting services, videography, deposition services, interpreting and translation services, etc. at very reasonable charges.

We provide a trial ready format that will save your valuable time and free you to concentrate on the other important aspects of the case. Our trained personnel gather all relevant information and organize and present it in such a way that will clearly put forward the findings. For any legal battle, it is necessary to gather the relevant information as much as possible. We make sure that we provide only relevant and factual data that will increase the chances of winning a case.

Our experienced videographers are familiar with the court procedures and know how to make the best use of the environment, providing you with clear and flawless footage. All videotaped depositions are then synchronized to the transcript text at no additional charge.  Our deliverable allows for a very easy playback from anywhere in the transcript.  Simply click on the text to have your video play back from that spot.  Do you want to make a video clip and import it into PowerPoint for your opening statement?  DLS makes this possible with their standard video deliverable.

With our comprehensive services, you can present a multimedia presentation in front of the jury and judges. Discovery Litigation Services’ headquarter is in Atlanta, GA and corporate offices are located in Fresno, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Jacksonville, FL, and Orlando, FL.  Hence, we offer a nationwide coverage regardless of the place.

If you are looking for court reporting agencies that also offer litigation and deposition services, contact Discovery Litigation Services at 855.847.0999 or email us your queries at

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