DLS Launches Pro Bono Court Reporting Services Program in its Jacksonville office.

DLS Launches Pro Bono Court Reporting Services Program in its Jacksonville office.

March 8, 2012 – Equal justice under the law has been a cornerstone of this country and our legal system. Unfortunately, the cost of legal representation and legal support services has gone beyond the reach of many individuals and families. Admirably, many of our clients and other local law firms have stepped up to provide pro bono legal services to these individuals.

Discovery Litigation Services LLC ("DLS") recognizes that our professional services and skills are also essential to the judicial process. It is for this reason that we have implemented the DLS Pro Bono Court Reporting Service Program. It is our desire to give back to the community along with attorneys and firms that provide pro bono legal services.  DLS’ operating mantra and culture is one that sees itself as a partner with those they serve.

"I am extremely excited to be announcing this new program today," said Leah Solliday, Regional General Manager of the Southeast and head of national scheduling.  “When we launched DLS, our team committed to be a part of something that encouraged partnership with our clients and allowed us to give back to the community.  This is the first of many steps we will take to bring that vision to reality.”

Lisa Thomas has been chosen to coordinate DLS’ pro bono activities and will also participate as a volunteer reporter. With over 25 years of court reporting experience and her in-depth knowledge of litigation support technology, DLS believes Lisa will be a great resource for participating attorneys and their support staff. If you have a client or case matter that you wish to be included in this program, please contact Lisa Thomas or Leah Solliday at (855) 847-0999 for details, or e-mail us at info@discoverylit.com.

DLS is headquartered in Atlanta and currently has offices in Georgia and throughout Florida. DLS offers leading-edge technology with every deposition, together with trial presentation services. Every client has online access to their depositions and deposition-related documents, as well as online scheduling at http://discoverylit.com/schedule

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