Alexander Gallo & DLS Introduce the Enhanced Mobile Transcript & Condensed Exhibits

DLS Introduces the EMT & Condensed Exhibits

Atlanta, June 25, 2012: Alexander Gallo and DLS introduce the Enhanced Mobile Transcript "EMT" and Condensed Exhibits.

"We believe the EMT is a revolution in how clients will come to use the Transcript" said Alex Gallo, DLS' CEO and President. "The EMT contains not just the traditional condensed transcript and word index but also CONDENSED EXHIBITS and PERSONALIZED TABS in a separately bound portable transcript".

The EMT allows for easy portability and storage of your deposition documents. Full value at the fraction of the size, provided by DLS at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

DLS is headquartered in Atlanta and currently has offices in Georgia, Florida and California with true Nationwide Coverage. DLS offers leading-edge technology with every deposition, together with trial presentation services. Every client has online access to their depositions and deposition-related documents, as well as online scheduling at


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