5 Massive Benefits Of Realtime Court Reporting

5 Massive Benefits Of Realtime Court Reporting

Realtime court reporting creates an instant transcript that allows you to synchronize litigation among an unlimited number of participants, gives remote counsel the ability to immediately impeach testimony via realtime internet streaming all while saving massive amounts of time and money for you, your clients, and the courts. In this article we quickly go through 5 massive benefits of realtime court reporting and what this means for you; how these benefits translate into time, money, and strategic advantage.

Transcripts Are Made Instantaneously

During the proceeding every spoken word appears instantly (in real time) on your laptop computer screen for immediate use. The judge, counsel, co counsel, house counsel, the client, law clerks, legal assistants, experts and everyone else involved can have an instantaneous, accurate, up-to-the-minute feed during the deposition or court proceeding regardless of their location.

Changes made to the transcript happen in realtime and are instantly updated to your laptop and the best part is each volume of the edited, proofread, corrected and certified transcript, including preloaded or embedded exhibits, is ready by the end of the day

Testimony Can Be Immediately Impeached

Rather than stopping the proceedings for the court reporter to read back, the court or counsel can easily click on the dynamic index associated with the realtime feed and quickly search for objections, rulings, exhibits, words, and phrases.

The ability to stream the real-transcript anywhere in the world via a direct internet hookup allows remote attorneys to impeach live testimony and communicate with local attorneys to challenge a witness’ answers and even eliminate the need for a second deposition.

Realtime Court Reporting Fosters Strategy and Cooperation

Realtime court reporting gives all courtroom participants access to the same written testimony as it is spoken. Having everyone on the same page - so to speak - gives all participants the power to make notations, highlight passages, and flag portions of testimony for further examination on their own devices, and coordinate with one another giving the entire legal team control over the case.

Saves Time and Money

Having the convenience of copy-paste saves by facilitating quick and easy communication. Utilizing the copy and paste function to Word or any litigation support software can make it easy to summarize and index in time to be used with the next witness, the next court session, or the next deposition.

A realtime court reporting gives you an accurate transcript to use everyday during the trial allowing more time to prepare for appeals with the exact same transcript the court of appeals will be using - this allows you to accurately quote pages and line numbers in your motion for new trial.

Realtime court reporting has a leg up on audio recordings. It gives you overnight access to the certified transcript opposed to waiting for a digitally recorded proceeding to be transcribed. This saves your client thousands of dollars per month in post judgment interest.

Realtime recording allows you to communicate quicker with experts and colleagues with a simple cut and paste of a section of testimony to be emailed out to medical experts, fellow attorneys, and other professionals for review. This simple albeit powerful feature allows the case to progress much more quickly.

Wireless encrypted access to an internet stream of the written proceedings provides co counsel down the hall, down the street, across the country, or around the world with an exact transcript as it is being spoken.

Moreover, immediate access to the trial transcript provides a cost savings benefit to the court, and counsel, and saves the litigator time reviewing the day's proceedings. This translates into a large cost savings to the client and a time savings to the court.

Realtime Court Reporting Creates A Strategic Advantage

Having a live feed of the court proceedings delivered straight to your laptop provides a strategic advantage. Instead of asking the court reporter or recording clerk to mark a certain portion of the testimony, possibly divulging strategy to opposite counsel, you can easily note the important text yourself without alerting anyone else.

When questions, solutions or strategy occur to you it alongside the actual testimony, for your eyes only all without missing a beat of the ongoing testimony.

Additionally pre-assigning codes allows you to quickly index and organize the testimony as it’s happening. Simply click predesignated code to flag particular issue giving you the ability to create near instantaneous reports on any issue. Once you receive your certified transcript, your notations and issue coding made during the proceedings can be easily synchronized with the certified transcript.

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Realtime court reporting is a technological boon to the industry. This service alone can maximize your already compressed schedules while getting the most out of your budget by eliminating waste and unnecessary bottlenecks. Additionally, realtime court reporting is only one of the services offer. Check out our comprehensive list of services to see what else we can do for you.

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