3 Signs That You Need A Realtime Court Reporter

3 Signs That You Need A Realtime Court Reporter

1. You Have To Ask Witnesses To Speak Up Or Slow Down

With Discovery’s Real Time Ready Irvine court reporters the translation takes place instantly. Utilizing the latest in translation software, the court reporter’s shorthand is immediately converted into readable text. What’s more is, you get a live feed to this text made viewable anywhere you’d like - on your computer, tablet, or projected on a screen for all to see - serving as live subtitles of the proceeding.

Why is this important? Imagine being in a room with poor sound quality or encountering witness who is extremely hard to understand due to an accent, speech impediment, or just an extremely soft speaker. Instead of asking her to restate and rephrase every response and potentially killing the flow of the proceeding, you get your own live subtitles of everything that is spoken.

What’s more is a real time court reporter provides a service that closed captioning stenographers provide as well. Within the courtroom or a deposition, realtime transcriptions allow the hearing impaired to participate more effectively in the proceedings.

2. Saving Time And Money Is Important To You

Realtime court reporting effectively transports the deposition anywhere in the world. You’ve heard of telecommuting before, realtime court reporting provides a live video and text feed anywhere it is needed. Without limitations on location, this allows you to save on airfare, gas, meals, and lodging expenses required of remote cases. Setting up a live teleconference equipped with High Definition video streaming and on-the-spot transcriptions effectively beam the deposition straight to you.

Aside from the upfront monetary savings, you can expect to enjoy, real time court reporting can save you from wasting your most precious and essential non-renewable resource, time. The time spent in traveling to and from remote locations, time spent clarifying unintelligible speech and getting back into the rhythm afterward is time that can be better utilized elsewhere in your professional and social pursuits.

3. You Need An Easy Solution For Viewing And Sharing Case Information

Are you tired of slow analog approaches to sharing valuable information from your cases? Do you need a seamless solution that can keep up with the fast-paced exchange of information expected of the 21st century? Realtime court reporting transitions these slow and clunky processes into the digital age of instant communication retrieval and delivery.

With realtime court reporting files from important evidence and presentations are easily synced to the official court transcript. This allows you to navigate and review evidence with just a click of the mouse, and easily search for what’s important to you. Additionally, information from these transcripts can be easily shared via email making it simple to collaborate with the rest of your team.


Realtime court reporting provides an efficient solution that will protect your bottom line and maximize your limited time while drastically improving results. With court reporting’s inclusion into the modern world of digital communications, we can expect more. We can expect more time to get work done and more time with friends and family. We can expect more experienced court reporters at our disposal, and we can expect to save more on the costs imposed on us by living in the physical universe by taking to the digital.

If you’re looking for instant access to information and a streamlined-efficient way of doing things, then you probably need a real time court reporter.



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