Testimonials, Comments, and Questions

Testimonials, Comments, and Questions

"I want you to know that I am raving about you guys to everybody". C.M.

"I have been scheduling depositions with Discovery Litigation Services exclusively since you opened. I have found that you and your staff are extremely courteous, helpful and knowledgeable.  I love how easy and convenient the online scheduling is for me. The quality of your work is unbeatable and I will continue to schedule all my depositions with you in the future!" J.M.

"The court reporter I worked with is one of the most professional and courteous reporters I have used in my 15 years of practice. Her knowledge of terms and understanding of relevant issues without interruption is beneficial to the flow of my depositions. I will continue requesting Discovery Litigation Services for the great services they provide." B.R.

"You are doing a fine job. The rates are competitive and the product is superb and timely, as well. I'll gladly continue to send business to you." D.U.

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